Instructions to Local Collaboratives

Phase 1 - International Practice Survey​

  1. Select a Local Trainee Lead and contact MAMMA management group to confirm your participation in this study.
  2. Identify 1 Supervising Consultant.
  3. Complete Phase 1 International practice survey with the supervising consultant and submit to REDCap database.

Phase 2 - Prospective Audit of the Management of Mastitis and Breast Abscess​

  1. Register your audit with the local clinical audit department and email a copy of the approval confirmation to MAMMA management group.
  2. Recruit local trainee collaborative: maximum of 2 collaborators plus 1 data validator.
  3. Collect data prospectively (if at all possible)
  4. Complete your 3 months of data collection (or longer until you reach the minimum of 21 patient data entries) 
  5. Complete data validation after you complete your data collection 
Completed Phase 1 ​
Centres entering data for Phase 2
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Until the close of MAMMA for data collection 

1st June 2021

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Phase 2