Instructions to Local Collaboratives

Phase 1 - International Practice Survey​

  1. Select a Local Trainee Lead and contact MAMMA management group to confirm your participation in this study.
  2. Identify 1 Supervising Consultant.
  3. Complete Phase 1 International practice survey with the supervising consultant and submit to REDCap database.

Phase 2 - Prospective Audit of the Management of Mastitis and Breast Abscess​

  1. Register your audit with the local clinical audit department and email a copy of the approval confirmation to MAMMA management group.
    • To ensure compliance with the local clinical governance policy, REDCap database access for Phase 2 of the study will only be issued after the audit registration confirmation has been received by the steering group. This process must be commenced without a delay as it may take up to 1 month for the local audit department to grant approval.
    • Data collection cannot commence until the audit is formally approved. In your application, you must notify the audit department that this is part of an international audit and that all data will be anonymised. No patient identifiable information will be collected.
    • If you have any difficulties in registering your audit, please contact your supervisor, regional trainee lead or the steering group for help and advice.
  2. Recruit local trainee collaborative: maximum of 2 collaborators plus 1 data validator.
  3. Once the evidence of local audit registration is received by the steering group, REDCap database access for the Phase 2 will be issued.
  4. Organise a local trainee collaborative meeting to devise strategy and delegate tasks and responsibilities in preparation for the Phase 2 data collection. Check individual training needs. You may wish to test your strategy prior to the official start of the data collection period.
  5. Commence data collection, ensuring that all eligible patients are included in this audit and that no fields are left incomplete as centres with data sets missing >5% of data will be excluded from the data analysis.
  6. Log all contemporaneous data to REDCap database and regularly check to ensure the accuracy and completeness of collected data.
  7. Complete your data collection within the specified data period
  8. Commence and complete data validation within the data validation period

Final steps...​

  1. Submit the names of the collaborators to the the regional trainee lead to ensure accuracy of the citable authorship
  2. Present the results of the local audit at the local clinical governance meeting once the summary of results has been released to the local trainee lead.